Poll Finds Correlation between Age and Believing Hollywood Has Pro-Choice Bias

Veronica Neffinger

According to a new Barna Group poll, more moviegoers think Hollywood has a pro-choice bias than a pro-life bias. Additionally, the poll found a correlation between someone’s age and the likelihood that they believe Hollywood has a pro-choice or pro-life bias.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, when a film deals with the issue of unplanned pregnancy and abortion, 29 percent of those surveyed believe Hollywood is presenting a pro-choice view, while 25 percent believe Hollywood is presenting a pro-life view. Fourteen percent said they did not recall ever viewing a film dealing with these issues.

The percent of older generations who believe Hollywood has a pro-choice bias, however, is significantly higher than younger generations.

Thirty-six percent of baby boomers believe Hollywood has a pro-choice bias, versus only 13 percent who believe the film industry has a pro-life bias.

The statistics are quite different when it comes to millennials, however. The survey found that 36 percent of millennials believe Hollywood has a pro-life bias, while 28 percent believe films show a pro-choice bias.

This study was commissioned by the filmmakers of Because of Gracia, an independent film, set to be released in September, based on the true story of a girl who was ridiculed for saying she was saving sex for marriage.


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Bussmann12000

Publication date: June 19, 2017