Cathedral Twitter Accounts Get into Mock Battle over Which is Best

Veronica Neffinger

Did you know that Monday, October 2nd was World Architecture Day? Probably not many people realized this, but one thing is sure: the people who run the Twitter accounts of several of the world’s cathedrals took it very seriously. reports that, to commemorate World Architecture Day, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London sent out a tweet:



The Twitter account of St. Paul’s tagged several other cathedrals, but left out Coventry Cathedral which soon sent out their own tweet:



Then Exeter Cathedral decided to join the battle to be the best:



St. Paul’s couldn’t let the discussion rest there, however, tweeting out:



Several other cathedrals also joined the Twitter battle, including York Minster, Ely, Lincoln, and Winchester.


Which cathedral do you think has the best architecture?


Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: October 6, 2017