'Give Us Peace for Our Children and Elders': Actor Jon Voight Prays God Ends the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amanda Casanova

Actor Jon Voight prayed in a YouTube video this week, asking God to eliminate the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to CBN News, Voight posted the video to YouTube. Voight, 81, is a vocal Christian and supporter of President Donald Trump.

"This nation is under God, with liberty," Voight says in the video. "Joshua has lifted his ark and will show his kingdom that this virus will not wipe out his men. He will battle to the end and he will show Jesus the prayer.

"Oh mighty, oh Lord. Bring us to our feet to love you more," he says. "Oh Lord, oh our Savior, teach us more, but lift this veil over our heads and wipe away this curse that has taken us down with fear. Oh Lord, give us peace on our holy land, give us peace for our children and elders. Oh Lord, give us light to shine on our souls so we may be strong to fight. Oh Lord, we are all one with You.

"My fellow Americans, we will rid this virus. We will be strong because we are the greatest gift to mankind. We are all God's children. God bless this nation and the entire creation. And may God protect our president and his family. Love to you," Voight said.

In an interview this week with a celebrity news site, Voight said Trump is doing a “wonderful job” fighting the pandemic.

“We are very fortunate to be in this country and be taken care of as we are.”

"Now, the coronavirus will take its toll, whatever it is," he added. "But it won't be the toll of the flu … But anyway, we shouldn't go crazy. We should take precautions and do all the things that are recommended to us to do, and not be foolish. But we should also live our lives."

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