Christian Leaders Sign Letter Asking Congress to Protect Voting in 2020 Election

Amanda Casanova

More than 20 Christian leaders have joined together to sign a letter asking Congress to earmark an extra $4 billion for protecting the upcoming election and its voters.

According to Relevant Magazine, the leaders argue in the letter that “any effort to discourage or suppress their vote assaults their human dignity and undermines our democracy.”

“As Christian leaders who represent and lead a broad cross-section of the church across the country, we also believe that voting is a sacred right and commitment, particularly given our nation’s long struggle to extend the right to vote to every eligible citizen regardless of factors such as race and gender,” the letter continues.

The letter comes after problems were reported in recent primary elections. In Wisconsin, voters faced long lines and exposure to COVID-19. There were about 36 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among voters and poll workers.

“COVID-19 presents an imperative to redefine our priorities. For many communities, we need funding and bold leadership to secure free, fair, and safe elections,” said Barbara Williams-Skinner, CEO and co-founder of Skinner Leadership Institute. “We need ample vote-by-mail, early voting and in-person voting access to fit the needs of each and every voter, all of whom are made in the image of God.”

Dr. Walter Kim, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, wrote that there is a need for a “free, fair and fully participatory election.”

“As Christians, we believe in a just society that preserves the dignity and promotes the voice to its citizens,” he said.

The letter was signed by some 20 Christian leaders and representatives, including Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Chair of the Conference of National Black Churches; General Minister and President of Disciples of Christ, Reverend Teresa Hord Owens; and Dr. Amos Brown, the Chairman of Social, Civic and Political Commission for the National Baptist Convention.

Read the full letter here.

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Hermosa Wave

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