New York Pastor Says God Began to Heal Him from COVID-19 after His Doctor Prayed for Him

Amanda Casanova

A New York pastor says God began to help heal him from coronavirus after his doctor prayed for him.

In a YouTube video by The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Pastor Benjamin Thomas of The Queens Church of God says his case of COVID-19 lasted more than 100 days, including 54 days on a ventilator and six weeks in a coma.

"It was a very rough journey," he said. "Still, I'm going home today. COVID-19 is real. I know some people do not want to wear masks and don't want to keep social distancing. It is very important to take this thing seriously. You don't want to go [through] what I went through."

Thomas was first admitted to a Long Island hospital and placed on a ventilator. His family then asked for him to be transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital.

"During the first couple of weeks of April we were not making much headway and there was one point in particular which was the night of April 19th," his doctor, Robin Varghese, said. "I was on call that night and he was in the worst shape, and many of our team members who were rooting for him were also losing hope, as was I."

"At that point, I went into his room really late at night as I was on call," the doctor said. "I really just told God there's nothing else I can offer him. He's got to take over because we had given him everything that modern medicine can throw at him."

Later that night, Varghese said he had a realization of other treatments to try. Thomas responded to the changes and in May, he started to wake from his coma.

“We're thankful for all of the people who were continuing to pray for him,” Varghese said. “We know that that was a very important part of his recovery along with the care from our intensive care team."

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