100 Democratic Politicians Ask the Democratic National Committee to Adjust Its 'Extreme' Position on Abortion

Amanda Casanova

More than 100 Democratic politicians are asking the Democratic National Committee in a letter to adjust its official position on abortion.

The letter says that “extreme” policies on abortion are alienating voters.

“We are concerned that many Democratic leaders support policies on abortion that are radically out of line with public opinion,” the letter from Democrats for Life of America says. “Many Democratic leaders support abortion at any time, for any reason; this position is opposed by 79% of Americans. The 2016 Democratic 1 Platform endorses taxpayer funding of abortion, opposed by a supermajority of the population.”

According to the letter, there are some 21 million Democrats that are pro-life.

“Finally, we are concerned about the betrayal of Democratic Party values,” the letter says. “An extreme position on abortion rights violates our commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Polling consistently shows that one in three Democrats are pro-life.”

The letter asks that the Democratic Party avoid pushing forward “extreme” policies, such as a law in Congress defining abortion or taxpayer-funded abortion.

“In the US, pro-life Democrats have been a critical part of the coalition to expand voting rights, improve health care, and pass criminal justice reform,” the letter says.

Of the 104 signees on the letter, 82 are current Democratic Party officials, and 23 are retired officials. Of the total, 21 percent are women.

The Democratic National Convention starts Monday, Aug. 17 where the party is expected to formally approve the 2020 Democratic Party platform.

“Never before in history have so many Democratic politicians challenged their own party on abortion,” said Democrats for Life of America Executive Director Kristen Day. “The Democratic Party is at breaking point. State legislators realize that taxpayer-funded abortion on demand is a losing issue. If we really care about defeating Donald Trump in November, we have to bring our position in line with mainstream America.

“As Democrats, we are anti-Trump and enthusiastic supporters of Black Lives Matter. Why is dismembering preborn children the hill we want to die on when so much is at stake? We took this issue for granted in 2016, and Hillary Clinton lost. We cannot make this mistake again.”


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