Former President Donald Trump Calls President Joe Biden One of the Most 'Radical' Presidents in U.S. History

Amanda Casanova

Former President Donald Trump called President Joe Biden one of the most "radical" presidents in U.S. history while he spoke to pro-life activists this week.

Trump was speaking at the Susan B. Anthony List's Pro-Life Leaders Summit in Palm Beach, Florida.

Press was not allowed at the summit, but Mollie Hemingway, of The Federalist, tweeted summaries of Trump's speech.

In the speech, Hemingway says that Trump called Biden "one of the most extreme and radical presidents we've had and he's not even aware of it."

He said the media was "egregious" in covering Biden, such as when Biden fell three times while walking up the stairs to Air Force One.

He also joked about how large Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's mask was during Biden's address last week.

He said it "hurts vaccine acceptance when Democrats wear bigger and bigger masks after vaccination."

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also spoke during the summit.

"Defending the right to life is one of the most important responsibilities an elected official has," Cruz was quoted as saying. "Not only do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fail to embrace that responsibility, they pander to pro-abortion activists at every turn — even though a large majority of Americans believe abortion should only be legal under certain circumstances or completely illegal."

Rubio said during his speech that he would "never stop protecting the rights of those yet to be born."

"America was founded on the fundamental truth that all people are created equal and that our rights come from God," he said. "Today, the Biden administration is dominated by pro-abortion radicals who want to make it easier than ever to deny freedom to the unborn."

Other speakers included Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, James Langford of Oklahoma, Beth Van Duyne of Texas and Virginia Foxx of North Carolina.

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