President Biden Has 'Blood on His Hand', Texas Representative Mike McCaul Says following Afghanistan Withdrawal

Amanda Casanova

Republican Representative for Texas Mike McCaul asserted that President Joe Biden has "blood on his hands" for the 13 service members who were killed recently in the Kabul airport attack.

McCaul said Biden is to blame for the chaotic and violent Afghanistan withdrawal of troops. He also noted that the Taliban has blocked Americans aboard six planes at an Afghanistan airport from leaving the country and is making demands of the U.S.

"I've said all along this president has blood on his hands, and this week, this last week, we had 13 servicemen and women come home, flag-draped coffins at Dover Air Base," McCaul said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." "This problem is going to get worse, not better, and we have left them behind. That's the basic creed of the military."

The U.S. had until an Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw from the country. Since that deadline, McCaul says he believes no other Americans have been able to leave the country.

Just as the U.S. began the withdrawal, the Taliban regained control of the country. McCaul also noted that there has been retaliation against those who helped U.S. officials while in Afghanistan.

"You have stories of interpreters being taken home to their families and watching their wives and families being beheaded, executed before they execute the interpreter," McCaul said. "This is not a new and improved Taliban. This is the same old Taliban. They are reverting back to with the same brutal practices."

McCaul further told Fox News that he believes America is in a "precarious, dangerous situation" with the Taliban.

"Now we are left to this very desperate situation, a very bad foreign policy of having to negotiate with the Taliban, which I was always skeptical of having to do and yeah, we do have frozen assets," McCaul said. "That's the only leverage we have left because we have no military on the ground, and we have no intelligence capability on the ground."

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