Trump Says He May Have 'No Choice' But to Run for President in 2024

Amanda Casanova

Former President Donald Trump said the nation may be "getting to a point where we really have no choice" but for him to make another campaign run for the presidency.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Trump was asked about his campaign plans for 2024.

"I don't think we're going to have a choice," Trump told Fox News. "It is disgraceful."

Trump pointed to President Joe Biden's most recent effort to withdraw U.S. military assets from Afghanistan, which led to violence, chaos and the deaths of U.S. soldiers. Trump called it the "greatest embarrassment in the history of our country."

"When you look at Afghanistan and what happened, and the death for no reason, just for no reason," Trump said, adding that military "parents – they want to speak with me – they don't want to speak with Biden."

"They're just devastated," he said.

Trump talked about Biden's presidency on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, saying he was disappointed that the devastation in Afghanistan coincided with the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

"To have that embarrassment to take place in Afghanistan with the same people who did the damage 20 years ago — it is the greatest embarrassment in the history of our country," Trump said.

Trump said Biden was incompetent in the presidential seat and said Biden's administration has not been inclusive.

"They keep telling everyone how they want to get together, to be inclusive – they're not inclusive," Trump said. "They are very, very dividing and divisive."

Trump has not made a formal announcement about his plans for 2024, but the interview comments come as he also referred to a possible presidential run.

Over the weekend, Trump was asked by a group of law enforcement officials at an event commemorating 20 years since the 9/11 attacks about a potential bid, to which he replied: "I think you're going to be happy."

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Brandon Bell/Staff

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