Alabama Church Members Stage Protest, Urge Senior Pastor to Leave amid Allegations of Financial Misconduct

Amanda Casanova

This week, an Alabama church congregation protested against their pastor, calling for him to step down amid accusations of financial mismanagement.

Members of the Greater Saint John Baptist Church in Birmingham stood in front of the congregation on Sunday to protest for Senior Pastor Nathaniel Brooks to leave the church.

Church members say Brooks engaged in misconduct with church finances. In April, the congregation voted to oust the pastor, who has been the church’s pastor for five years.

Brooks has denied the allegations and has refused to step down from his role at the church.

“We have an affidavit on record where the full leadership that’s still standing still supports this pastor,” Brooks told local media.

He also added that the alleged financial problems were already a question before working as the pastor. He said he tried to implement new policies and practices to handle the situation.

“Whenever someone wants to discredit your name, they have to bring up some type of scandal or money,” Brooks said. “There was no money taken away from the church. I’m not on any bank account … I can’t even get into the safe.”

According to The Christian Post, on Sunday, protestors held up signs that said, “We believe in God’s guidance,” “Brooks: Deceptions, Allegations, Misconduct,” and another that read, “Brooks Terminated!!! April 21, 2021.”

Other church members, however, said they support Brooks.

“He has built this church up when it was torn down – financially, spiritually,” church member Diandra Cohill said. “He brought back a lot of things that were missing here.”

The Greater Saint John Church did not respond to media requests for comment.

Brooks was ordained in 2007, according to the church’s website. He previously worked at two other churches, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Herndon, Virginia and Park Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He served as a youth and young adult minister at Park Church.

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