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Kathie Lee’s Emotional Reaction To Matt Lauer’s Termination

  • Cate Shaner God Updates
  • Updated Dec 01, 2017
Kathie Lee’s Emotional Reaction To Matt Lauer’s Termination

Earlier this week news broke that after 20 years at NBC Matt Lauer was fired. The news comes after allegations of sexual misconduct were brought to the attention of NBC executives. According to Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb, one of Matt’s colleagues came forward with an extremely serious story of sexual assault.

Many of Matt’s co-anchors were completely shocked by the news, struggling to find words while communicating to viewers. Kathie Lee Gifford offered some sage advice during this heartbreaking time. She reminded all of us that it is during these times that we are forced to rely only on one thing: God.

She recalls how she felt when her husband Frank betrayed her many years ago. Then Kathie began quoting scripture saying, “we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”, continuing to encourage us to forgive. Kathie went on to talk about the importance of choosing to love instead of hate. The coming weeks and months are going to be extremely difficult for Matt and his family.

Kathie Lee spoke prayers for healing and reconciliation over the family during this difficult situation. She also prayed for the victim who came forward. Admiring her for her bravery to do so. Kathie Lee ends her comments apologizing saying,”Didn’t mean to go to church. But sometimes you gotta go to church”. Then Hoda reassured her that her words were impactful quipping back “That’s where we needed to go today.”.

With all of these various allegations coming forward, it’s easy to get upset. But, the amazing thing about what is happening is that the veil is being lifted. Women are speaking out and God is bringing to light all of the pain that has been hidden for decades. Through this, God is strengthening the women in our communities and countries to never be afraid to speak up.


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Publication date: December 1, 2017