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A Word with You - Apr. 26, 2010

  • 2010 Apr 26


Tired of Searching, Ready to Find

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My friend Jim is young, but he's already a veteran rock climber. Now he's going to college only a few miles from one of America's most majestic mountain peaks...and one of the most challenging and dangerous to climb. He was excited to climb another towering mountain with a longtime veteran of those slopes. The mountain is actually part of the highest peak, but it's known as Disappointment Peak. It got its name from climbers who used that approach to get to the top of that ultimate mountain top. It's a tough climb, but you're inspired by the sense that you're getting closer and closer to your majestic goal. And then, after a long, hard climb, you suddenly come to this chasm; a chasm that is un-crossable and thousands of feet deep. You thought you were on your way to the goal you were shooting for. Sorry, it's Disappointment Peak.

A lot of people are climbing Disappointment Peak; a long road to what they believe will be the mountaintop they're looking for. But as many who have climbed it will tell you, it really does lead to disappointment instead of fulfillment. Of course, we're all looking for different mountaintops: the relationship that will give us the real and lasting love we want so much, or that accomplishment that will give us the importance, the significance we're hoping for, the religion or spirituality that will finally give us peace in our soul.

We're all looking for different things, but we're all looking for what will give life real meaning, love and fulfillment. Gail Sheehy became a best-selling author decades ago with her book, "Passages." It described our life journeys in terms of passages from one search to another. Now she's writing about the generation that has shaped our culture and our values more than any other - the Baby Boomers. She said recently, "The search for meaning has become the universal occupation of the Second Adulthood." She says that this spiritual imperative grows stronger as we grow older. So our searching doesn't diminish; it only intensifies.

But maybe you are tired of searching. You're ready to find. You're tired of Disappointment Peak. You're ready to find what your soul's been looking for so long. Actually, there's only one person who can tell us what we're here for. It's the One who put us here. Of course, that's God. And in the world's best-selling book, the Bible - the only book God ever wrote - He reveals the top of the mountain we were made for...the reason He put us here.

In Colossians 1:16, our word for today from the Word of God, it simply says, speaking of Jesus Christ, that we were "created by Him and for Him." You were created by Jesus, you were created for Jesus, and you're going to have a hole in your heart until you have Jesus. He said, "He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and he who believes in Me will never be thirsty" (John 6:35).

The Bible reveals that our heart is searching because we're away from the God we were made for. We were created for Him, but we've lived for ourselves, thus creating an un-crossable chasm between us and the God who made us. Un-crossable except for the cross - the cross where Jesus died to pay for our rebellion against God and make a way back to Him. In the sentences that follow the revelation that we were "created by Him and for Him," we read that Jesus "made peace (with God) through His blood, shed on the cross." It took that sacrifice to provide a way to the God who is the love and the meaning we've been looking for. Across that chasm between God and us is now a bridge - the cross of Jesus.

He's the end of your lifelong search. And the Savior will become your Savior the day you reach for Him and tell Him, "Jesus, you're the One I've been looking for. I've done my life my way, not Your way, and I resign from running my life. It's time You did. I was made by You and for You. And beginning this day, I am Yours." If you're tired of searching; if you're ready to find home, I want to invite you to our website where I've put a brief explanation of how you can begin with Jesus. The website is YoursForLife.net.

You've wasted enough time on Disappointment Peak, but a climb up one more hill can take you where you want to be. The hill where Jesus died for you - that's where your search finally ends.

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