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A Word with You - Aug. 1, 2011

  • 2011 Aug 01

Why It's Good to Go M.A.D.

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When it was 7:00 a.m. in the Hutchcraft house, the word "chaos" took a new meaning - a typical school day morning. It was very exciting to get two teenage sons up, get them around, and get them dressed and out to school. Of course, both of them were a little crazy like their Mother, and that contributed to the chaos as well. Finally we were able to get them off to school.

But in-between all kinds of things happen. I mean, pairs of pants mysteriously disappeared and reappeared on the other brother. Socks and underwear took on enormous value as we tried to find one pair. Phones rang, papers needed signing, books needed covering. And after it was all over and the boys were headed out, on a typical morning you might hear me step outside the front door and call my final instructions to them for the day.

"Go M.A.D.!" Can't you imagine our next door neighbors sticking their head out and saying, "Say what? Go M.A.D.? Have you? You want your two teenage boys to go mad? What's the matter with you?" Well, that's exactly what I wanted them to do every day. Actually, it's what I hope you will do.

There's a lot more reasons for getting up in the morning when you say, "Lord, help me make a difference for You today." So, as you head out each morning, well, imagine Jesus at the front door calling out to you, "Go M.A.D. for Me today! Go make a difference!"

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