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A Word with You - Dec. 1, 2009

  • 2009 Dec 01


How to Know Where You're Going When You Can't See

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Hooper Bay, Alaska, isn't the first remote place we've gone with our outreach teams of Native American young people, but it's a tough one. Each Summer of Hope, it's our privilege to take teams of Indian and Eskimo spiritual warriors to the reservations and the villages where America's most devastated young people live and die too young. The suicide rate among young Native Americans is four times that of the rest of America's young. In some places in Alaska, it's twenty times greater. Hooper Bay, Alaska, is one of the hardest places in this country to grow up. We had to take our team there.

But getting there the first time was a real adventure. My wife was on the first plane into this village that is 400 miles from the nearest road. Sitting in the co-pilot's seat, she should have had a great view as they approached over the Bering Sea. But there was no view. It was suddenly almost zero visibility, but those missionary pilots - they are amazing! My wife watched him with his flight plan on his knee, constantly comparing it to the readings on his instruments. Looking out the window sure wasn't going to help find his landing strip. Ultimately, they were so close to the ocean that their propellers were whipping up the ocean around them. A Native Alaskan in the back just kept praying over and over, "Oh, Jesus, Jesus, please help us." Suddenly, right below my wife's window, she saw the landing strip, and they landed right where they were supposed to land!

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