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A Word with You - December 13, 2019

  • 2019 Dec 13


The Door Is Locked

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It's a bitter wound! I was undefeated in Scrabble until my son beat me at the age of 13. It was down to the end of the game, there were no letters left to draw and I was about to be stuck with a Z. Now, if you've ever played Scrabble, you know that a Z is worth 10 points if you can play it. You lose 10 points if you're stuck with it at the end of the game. Okay, this is heavy pressure. Finally I found one corner of the board that had the letters I and T and there was room for a Z. I suddenly remembered that slightly uncouth slang term the teenagers use for blemishes. I used my Z to spell zit. I've often heard kids complain about zits.

We had a fairly limited dictionary where we were. I know it was limited, because we couldn't find zit in the dictionary. I lost under protest. I've been protesting ever since. Now I'm doing it with you. Two years pass; my son goes to a book store and finds a Scrabble dictionary, looks it up, and came home rubbing his hands with glee and confirmed, "Zit is not in it." Well, I think that may have changed today, but that didn't help. I guess it's final; I've been dethroned. I've wished that there was such a word, but it just doesn't appear in any dictionary. You know, there's a word that many folks resort to when their situation is desperate; one which really should not appear in your personal dictionary.

Now, society has carved a door in the back called divorce. But you can, by an act of your will, declare it locked forever for you from the outside. I'm going to be living in this house or no house, so all my efforts will go into making this house all it can be. God says He hates divorce. He doesn't say, "I hate divorced people." But He does say, "I hate divorce." Then how can I even entertain the option? "Lord, I want to say 'I'm staying' and boy, I'm going to need You to get through it." Maybe that's what you need to tell Him today.

Get counsel if you need to, get prayer if you need to, confront the issues, but when you check your personal dictionary and you look under D, I hope there's no divorce.

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