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A Word with You - December 20, 2019

  • 2019 Dec 20

Trying to Carry Your Father's Load

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I saw this precious sight at the airport. There were a hundred bleary-eyed travelers waiting for luggage at the carousel. Maybe you've been one of those. That wasn't the precious sight I saw; nothing precious about that. But I heard this little exclamation behind me, and it was a little boy barely old enough to be walking. He was standing next to his Daddy. Now, his Dad had apparently just returned from a business trip, and next to him on the floor was this big old briefcase. The little guy, using all his strength, fully extending his body is trying to push this big briefcase. The briefcase was just about bigger than the little boy was. There was no way he could pick it up, but he was trying; pushing and pulling with everything he had. That was something I'm sure his father could handle easily, but the little guy was just too weak to push it.

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