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A Word with You - December 2, 2019

  • 2019 Dec 02


The Cancer That's Killing You

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After a while I gave up trying to read those little blurbs that were next to the senior pictures in a high school yearbook. In our school, the seniors got to write their own, and it was usually in cryptic abbreviations so they can get in as many words as possible. Now, those abbreviations refer to something meaningful to the person who wrote it; some important people, some important memories, "Oh, yeah, sure." But most of those blurbs are hopelessly cryptic. I guess you had to be there in order to understand what they're writing about, right?

But I understood Scott's when I read it. He was one of the top scholars in our recent graduating class; honored many times over. At the end of his blurb he had these three words, "Miss U Mom." His mother was a teacher at the high school. She died of cancer in his sophomore year, and it added a note of sadness to the joy of graduation to know that Scott's Mom wasn't there to see him on his night of high honor. She, with so many others, was taken by that monster we call cancer. You know what? I'm a cancer victim too. So are you.

Listen, I want to invite you to join me today at our website, where I've laid out as simply as I can how you can begin your personal relationship with Jesus and be cured of the deadly disease that we have in our soul. Go to ANewStory.com. You can open your life to the Savior today and be cured of the sin that otherwise is killing you.

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