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A Word with You - December 24, 2019

  • 2019 Dec 24

How to Free the Hostages

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I guess I'd call it one of the ugly words of our time – the word hostage. We've all seen our share of hostage situations haven't we? Some are right here in the United States. When someone has taken a hostage or several hostages, the first thing they do is they bring in the hostage negotiating team and they do their very best to use their psychology and human relations to talk that person into releasing their hostages.

Sometimes the person will give up and the hostages go free. But often the negotiations fail, and then it can get a little more violent. Well, in come the highly trained commando units, the SWAT teams, and if necessary they'll shoot the hostage taker, because that's the only way the hostages can be saved. Now, can you imagine just rushing in there to rescue the hostages without first dealing with the one who is holding them? We do it all the time.

You've got to first fight on your knees. Deal with the one who is holding the hostage. Turn Jesus loose on them! It says in Mark 3:11, "Whenever the evil spirits saw Jesus they fell down before Him and cried, 'You are the Son of God!'" They didn't even fight. They just fell down.

When the Devil is confronted with the presence, and the power, and the name of Jesus Christ, he surrenders and the hostages can go free.

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