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A Word with You - December 25, 2019

  • 2019 Dec 25

Making a Little a Lot

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I'm convinced my wife could be a missionary just about anywhere in the world. She is so resourceful, and that's what missionaries need to be. We've sort of been missionaries in the United States over many years of ministry to teenagers and more recently to Native Americans, and our ministry budget – like most ministry budgets – has been somewhat limited over the years. That's where my wife's resourcefulness comes into play.

For example, I remember the time that we had a hundred teenagers show up for a gathering when we weren't really expecting that many. She only had enough ground beef to put into these sloppy Joe sandwiches for about 40 people. Now, you're gonna need a whip and a chair if you have some teenagers you can't feed! You don't really want to have those wild animals on the loose and unfed. So, she quickly found some dried bread crumbs, pulled out a recipe she had gotten from a home economist, and mixed all of that in with the ground beef. Well, not the recipe, but the rest. And it made that ground beef go a lot farther. In fact, we fed a hundred hungry teenagers with only enough for forty! We had some left over. Listen, sometimes you need someone who can make a little a lot.

Me your 'not enough.' Find all you can."

So, what you do is number one, you give all your resources – not enough – but all your resources to Jesus. Number two, you act as if there will be enough. Jesus had them sit down. He said, "Get ready to eat lunch" even though there was no lunch for them. So you start to act as if it's going to be there. By faith in your Lord you do that, and then be grateful for the 'not enough' that you already have. That's the hard part to say, "Lord, I know this isn't enough, but I'm grateful for what I've got." The Bible says, "Godliness with contentment is great gain."

I'm married to a woman who can take a little and make it a lot. Better than that, my Lord – your Lord – can do that a thousand times over with any 'not enough.'

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