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A Word with You - January 24, 2020

  • 2020 Jan 24

Your Surprising Platform

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Do you want me to speak from the floor or up on a platform? See, I'm sometimes asked to make that choice before I speak somewhere. Now, I would rather be on the floor, given that choice, because I just like to be closer to the people I'm speaking to. The problem is that, well if I do that, I will disappear. I know on the radio you think I'm six foot six, right? But in person I can only seem to muster about five foot seven inches. So, if I'm standing down on the floor with everybody else's level, then you might as well be listening to a recording, because you can't see the expression on my face. So I need to be above the crowd at least a little in order to best communicate my message. See, I need a platform. So do you.

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