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A Word With You - Jan. 29, 2013

  • 2013 Jan 29


The "Yes," the "No," and the "Wait"

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My daughter wanted to put her fingers in the fan. Oh, she was a very little girl at the time. I said, "No." She cried. I think she thought I didn't love her and if I loved her I'd let her put her fingers in the fan. She really wanted to check it out!

It was sitting in the kitchen in our little house, rumbling along because it was the only ventilation in the house, one of those big exhaust fans. And I walked into the kitchen and I found her making her way toward it with her hand extended, wanting to check it out. Now, I could have said, "Oh, Honey, let me explain to you how many revolutions per minute those blades are turning and why it is going to cut off your fingers." She didn't know what cut meant...off, fingers, or any of that. All she knew was, she'd been told, "No" and she didn't like it.

You know, fathers have to do things like that because they love their children. God's a father, too. I'm so glad He's called that in the Bible, and He too has children who have their hearts set on something. But when He says, "No," we don't understand and we don't like it. But see, we wouldn't understand even if He did explain. If He tried to say, "Well, you're going to hurt yourself if you stick your fingers in that fan," because the fan just looks so good to us.

ient, that's the beginning of big trouble. God knows exactly how much you need of each and He knows when to give them to you. So draw strength from the answered prayer, learn faith from the unanswered prayer, and God will always keep that blessed tension in your life.

Like my daughter with all her fingers, you'll one day thank your Father for the things He denied or the things He postponed for your good. Relax, let your Father drive. You'll love the destination.

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