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A Word with You - June 20, 2012

  • 2012 Jun 20


Why Fight When You Can Criticize?

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I enjoy going to professional sporting events. I can't afford to very often, but every once in a while some tickets come my way. And I think my favorite to attend would be professional football games. Unfortunately, I always seem to be surrounded by experts at those games. You know what I mean? Those fans that are on a first-name basis with every player. You know them. Actually, the players don't know them, probably wouldn't admit it if they did, but they feel free (these fans) to call every player by his first name.

And, of course, all the people around me seem to know how every play should be made. Occasionally they'll cheer, but more often they criticize. Seems like they always know a better play to call, or a better defense, or a better everything. Now, there's one place in the stadium you don't hear too much of that critical chatter...on the field, because they're just too busy playing the game.


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