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A Word with You - June 7, 2012

  • 2012 Jun 07


Spiritual Body Guards

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When I used to go places with my two sons, people would often say, "And who are these young men?" And I'd say, "Oh, these are my body guards." We'd all get a good laugh at that! Of course, you know, these guys of ours grew up pretty fast, and it was believable that they could be my body guards.

Actually, if I really felt that I needed one, I think, you know, I would look to, you know, some, oh, like a professional wrestler or good old Mr. T from TV days of yore. Now, there was a body guard. In fact, before he became a TV personality and a movie star, he was actually a body guard for people like Muhammad Ali. So he got noticed first and got into the movies and into that old A-Team series.

Now, it's interesting to think of body guards. There are people who need them, and you picture those big beefy guys who stand between the celebrity or whoever they're protecting and whoever might want to cause them any trouble. It's almost as if they're saying, "Nothing's going to happen to you my friend as long as I'm looking out for you. I'm going to stand between you and anyone who tries to hurt you." That's body guards. Hey, did you know you're a body guard? Well, I mean, at least you're supposed to be.

We are all part of that, those of us who are in Christ. And His body has been broken enough. He said, "This is My body which was broken for you." Don't allow it to be broken any more by a Christian attacking another Christian. Don't throw any punches at someone that Jesus loves very much.

Instead say, "Nothing's going to happen to you because I'm looking out for you."

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