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A Word with You - May 20, 2011

  • 2011 May 20


Turning Over Your Treasure

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You know it's tough the first time your child goes to camp...I mean for the parent. The kids probably have a ball; it's just tough for the parents. It all comes together when you have to sign that permission slip, and then a medical release, and then insurance forms. You start to think of all the things that could go wrong - the bad things that could happen.

Now, up until now you've been there in the background to protect them and to make sure they're eating the right things, and guiding them to make the right choices. But now, even if it's only for a few days, you're turning your precious child over to someone else. That's why I like to know someone who's going to be in charge there. A lot of responsible parents do that; even with a conferences we've planned. People will say "Hey, I want to find out who I'm turning this kid over to." It's tough. I want to be able to trust the person to whom I'm handing my son or daughter. But it's still hard to release them.

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