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A Word with You - Nov. 2, 2012

  • 2012 Nov 02


The Illusion of Winning

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I met a fellow the other day, and he said, "Ron, my name is Bill." I guess it was the mood I was in. I said, "Oh no! I already have enough bills in my life." What's wrong with me? Well, maybe you've felt that way. I mean, what I said was probably true for both of us.

Did you ever find out that you had more bills than you thought? You know, you've written all the bills you thought you had, and yet you still have a little left in your checkbook. You say, "Hey, I think I'm finally winning this financial battle" and then suddenly discover some unopened envelope with, of course, bills, or a stack in a drawer that you forgot to pull out; or maybe just a financial surprise in today's mail.

Suddenly you don't feel as comfortable—as well off—as you did. You thought you were paid up, but your obligations were greater than you realized. Well, you had no business feeling well off, not with how much you still owed. You know, you and I have other obligations, more important obligations, and we might be feeling a whole lot better off than we really are.

Listen, we will celebrate when we get to heaven. That will be enough time. Right now it's time to reach the lost through every possible means while there's still time.

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