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A Word with You - Nov. 23, 2012

  • 2012 Nov 23


Faucet Fascination

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I'll bet you turned on the water this morning and never gave it a thought. Well, you probably didn't grow up in the middle of a desert. You know, speaking of deserts, there was a great story years ago about the legendary Lawrence of Arabia. There was a movie made about his life. He had made many friends there in his campaigns and they had grown up in the desert, and they did not take running water for granted.

Well, he actually took a few of those men with him to Paris, and they stayed in a really nice hotel. And since these guys had grown up in the desert, they were amazed by this running water in their hotel room. Wow! What an event! And on the day they were packing to go home, Lawrence found them trying to remove the bathroom faucets and put them in their suitcases to take them home with them. They wanted those things back in the desert with them. At which point Lawrence explained to them that the water doesn't come from the faucet, it comes from a reservoir up in the mountains. See, they thought the water came from what the water came through.

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