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A Word with You - Nov. 28, 2012

  • 2012 Nov 28


Tired But Still Ticking

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Now, if you're a night person, there is nothing more aggravating than a bright-eyed morning person who's trying to get you to be a morning person along with them! And one of the great, interesting, fun things about God is He tends to kind of put those kind of people together in a marriage. Maybe so there's a night shift and a day shift. I don't know. Maybe you have the other kind of metabolism; maybe you're a morning person. Well, then there's nothing more aggravating than a raring-to-go night person who's trying to get you moving when you're ready to put it away.

In fact somehow, yeah, these people marry each other, and that makes for some very interesting chemistry. It does seem that most of us have a time of day when our metabolism isn't doing much. It varies for each of us, but we all have our kind of our slow-down, blah, down time. And that down time of the day when we're just tired and depleted...it often brings out our worst doesn't it? Just ask the people who have to live with us when we're exhausted—depleted. I know that most of what I wished I had not said or done happened when I was, as my kids would say, "blitzed"...really tired. But it doesn't have to be that way.

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