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A Word with You - October 11, 2019

  • 2019 Oct 11


Lost and Found

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"We have a little boy here!" That was the announcement we heard when we were down on the boardwalk at the New Jersey shore. We'd been biking along the boardwalk, and it was a great sunny day; thousands of people were milling around the boardwalk. Then came that announcement over the sound system; you could hear it all down the boardwalk. "We have a little boy here who seems to be lost. He's about five years old. He's wearing red shorts and holding a little red truck." All of a sudden my bike ride wasn't as cheerful as it had been. I began to wonder why they didn't at least give out his name. I found out later it was because he was crying so hard he couldn't give it!

Twenty-five minutes later I came back down the boardwalk on my bike. They were still making the announcement, "We have a little boy here who seems to be lost!" Well, I had to leave before I heard the final outcome and man, I've got to tell you, I felt bad for that little guy, feeling so lost and alone. Actually, there's some of that little boy in you and me.

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