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A Word with You - Oct. 15, 2012

  • 2012 Oct 15


The Recorder is Always Running

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A few years back, the stress meters on Wall Street hit some new highs all because one man had been recording his telephone calls. Yeah, one of Wall Street's movers and shakers had been caught in the middle of some very profitable but very illegal stock dealings. And in order to reduce his possible penalty, he agreed to record his calls for a few weeks. Well, when that news broke, oh boy, they found out he had been caught and that he had been dealing for weeks with the tape recorder running, a lot of Wall Street lawyers got some very frantic phone calls.

And many powerful people remembered with regret what they had said and what they did the last few weeks. Now, maybe you smile a little bit at the picture of those people scrambling around and saying, "Oh, man! What did I say on the tape?" Not so fast. Imagine in your life now all the things that you've said and done in the last couple of weeks. All of them, including the ones that you thought no one knew. What if someone had recorded every conversation, every action in the last few weeks? Well, someone has.

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