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A Word with You - Oct. 4, 2012

  • 2012 Oct 04


Saved By a Habit

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We couldn't figure it out. For some reason, the mice suddenly liked our house so much. All I know is after not having had that problem, we suddenly were invaded. Well, I planned very strategically to be gone, of course, when they invaded the house. In fact the reason we know that they were there is because my wife found, well let's just say some signs of them in the silverware drawer of all places.

Now, she cleaned all that up a couple of times in the uh, shall we say, wash cycle. And then she set a trap in there. She got one right away. You know what she said? "There might just be another one." So she set the trap again. Within minutes it went off again...same drawer. Two down. Well we thought it was over. What do I mean we? I was gone. And then she was staying up late that night to do some paperwork, and she heard the trap go again. She got a third one.

I've got to tell you, she got five mice in the same drawer in 12 hours. What stupid animals—all of them going right for that drawer. I call them the Kamikaze Mice. Actually, my wife's theory made the most sense. She said, "I think they were trapped by their own habits." Well, you know, there's a flip side to that habit idea.

are spiritual disciplines you know you need to get into; time you need to spend. Do it at the same time, the same place until you do it automatically.

Program your life to glorify God in what would normally be really lost because you don't feel like it or you forget it. Well, it's in those times you'll be saved by a habit.

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