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A Word with You - Sept. 23, 2011

  • 2011 Sep 23


A Message From the Titanic


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It's almost been a century when the unsinkable ship sank and some 1,500 passengers died. You know, I actually have my boarding pass for the Titanic. Yeah, for real! They gave it to me at the entrance to the Titanic artifacts exhibit I went to. (No, I am not that old to have the original thing.) Now, it doesn't have my name on it. It says, "J. Pearse, Crew." Now, having the name of someone who was really there that night, I guess, made what I saw a whole lot more personal.

It really hit home with me at the end of the tour, because I stood staring at this large wall that had two lists. They were reminiscent of the same lists that they posted after the tragedy in the White Star Line's Liverpool, England offices. Here are these anxious relatives waiting to hear the fate of a passenger they loved, and a company rep who comes in occasionally and adds a name to one of two lists: "Known to be saved" and "Known to be lost." My guy, "J. Pearse," was saved. My friends who also saw this exhibit turned out to be "lost."

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