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Abiding Above Despair [Part 8] - Abiding Above - August 11

  • 2020 Aug 11

Abiding Above Despair [Part 8]

August 11

In our times of despair, we can see better because these times make us look to God for answers. Have you ever noticed that when you are going through a hard time that you pay closer attention to God? When a person is going through a hard time they pick up their Bible again. When a person is going through a hard time they spend time exercising confession and repentance. It is almost like - it is time to push the reset button and take an assessment of your life and your fellowship with God. My friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson said this, “It is in the darkness we see the stars.” It’s almost as if things have to get hard on us before we will turn back and focus on God and focus on the things that are eternal instead of the things that are temporary. When we go through times of despair it makes us focus and see what God is up to.

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