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Abiding Above Tension [Part 3] - Abiding Above - August 18

  • 2020 Aug 18

Abiding Above Tension [Part 3]

August 18

My friend, we are not to live lives of uncontrolled tension. At the moment of our salvation the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of our human spirit, but from that point on many of us have not grown spiritually. We have never come to understand that our human will must be surrendered to God and that we are to give control of our lives to the Holy Spirit. We cannot live the Christian life on our own. The Christian life is the very life of Christ in us, lived through us by the Holy Spirit, and as we yield our wills to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit in our spirit affects our mind, our will, and our emotions. This is what discipleship is all about. When we know and understand this truth the Holy Spirit lifts the weight of tension from our lives.

So, the reason you hear me say so often, ‘surrender your will’, is because it is the most critical thing you can do as a Christian to grow spiritually. As a matter of fact, with an unsurrendered will, you will not move one inch in the Christian life and it does not matter how much of a Bible Scholar you are. Have you ever met someone who knew their Bible backwards and forwards, and you thought that their forbearing spirit does not seem to be of God and you do not sense any love coming from them for others? You do not sense any genuine love for the lost, but they do know God’s Word. How can that be? It is not that they are not saved, they are not surrendered and they only have a head full of knowledge.

My friend, knowledge is good, we have to have knowledge, but knowledge apart from the surrender and control of your spirit to the Holy Spirit will leave you living a life full of tension.

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