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Abiding Above Tension [Part 6] - Abiding Above - August 21

  • 2020 Aug 21

Abiding Above Tension [Part 6]

August 21

My friend, we can never pray to God unless we have the witness of His Spirit in our heart. Romans 8:16“The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God,”

Notice in this verse that the Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit. His Spirit is capitalized in the Bible because this is speaking of the Holy Spirit. The spirit that talks about you is a little ‘s’, because this is talking about the human spirit.  When you become a child of God, God’s Spirit comes into you and you’re connected with God the Father forever, and ever, and ever. You know you are a child of God because you have the witness of the Holy Spirit with you. When you are going through tension you have to be connected with God and that is done because you are saved. Being in Christ is accomplished when a person has put his trust in God for the forgiveness of his sin. This begins a relationship and an ongoing fellowship with God. You and I need to walk in an attitude of prayer. Live this way. Be this way. Walk this way.

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