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Abiding Above - August 31, 2015

  • 2015 Aug 31


Knowing God’s Will-Part 7 

August 31, 2015


God’s will for our lives involves building a life’s message. It is not pride it is a sense of realizing that we as believers are a person of influence. We are either influencing people in a positive way or influencing them in a negative way. You and I need to think eternally. We need to desire and know God’s will for our lives.  God’s will is to bridge the gap between lost man and Himself and He did that through the person of His Son Jesus Christ. When we choose to think the God’s way it will shape up and affect all the other desires that God has for our lives. When we spend time in God’s Word learning new principles and apply them to our lives as we are learning our lives will begin to weigh more spiritually and influentially. This is our spiritual legacy.

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