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Strengthening Our Faith [Part 12] - Abiding Above - February 18

  • 2020 Feb 18

Strengthening Our Faith [Part 12]

February 18

Only God is the giver of faith and only He can increase it. My friend, put yourself out there to do more wherever God puts you. 

Our faith is only part of God’s fullness. You are in Christ and Christ is in you, and because you are in Christ, you now and forever have God’s fullness of grace and faith. 

God is faithful. He cannot be opposite of that. You’re in Him and He is in you in all His fullness. If you are a child of God, you have great faith within you because He is within you. The problem is that we do not rely on the One within us who is Mr. Faith and therefore we have little faith. Why? It is because were depending on ourselves in our humanity instead of depending on the one who lives in us, God who is the fullness of faith and the fullness of grace.

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