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Abiding Above - February 2, 2015

  • 2015 Feb 02

Thanksliving-Part 9

February 2, 2015


A Thanksliving life is a seamless life. You wake up each morning thanking God. You go to work or school in a thankful spirit, a thankful mindset, not necessarily using any words. You have a thankful heart. Quietly His Spirit bears witness with your spirit and His agape love is shed abroad in your heart. You are just happy and thankful in Jesus. And there is nothing better than to have someone in your life and they are the same way and there is nothing lonelier than not having anybody in your life that is not that way.

All of us should be men, women, boys, and girls, indwelt by the Spirit of God, living, moving, and having our being in Christ Jesus. Knowing that our future is already secure. Knowing that I cannot get anymore accepted than what I already am in Christ and it is not based on what I do, it is based on what He did. We need to reflect on this. Enjoy it in the present and knowing that our future is secure and not let this world control us with cheap substitutes.

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