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Abiding Above - February 21, 2014

  • 2014 Feb 21

Who Occupies The Throne

February 21, 2014


There can only be one throne in the Christian life. The throne stands for Lordship.

 Romans 10:9 – says, “…confess with your mouth, the Lord….”

There is a cross in each of our lives as a Christian. Many people talk about the cross they bear in life, usually, referring to some hardship that they are going through that seems to linger on.

The cross in our life as a Christian is not an ornament to wear or carry, but a life of self-denial that Christ refers to in Mark 8:34 – “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.”

There can’t be two Lords of our lives; one has to be put down, and that one should be, “The Big I.”

If I want Christ to be on the throne of my life, then “The Big I” must be on the cross.

If I want to be on the throne myself, in a sense, I am crucifying, again, the Son of God.

If I am Spirit-filled, I will want Christ to be the One to control my life and I will count myself out. 

There cannot be two “bosses;” either I obey Christ, or I disobey Him. If I obey Him, then He is my Lord as well as my Savior.

My friend, we do not need to agonize and emotionalize to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He waits to fill us.  We need only to confess our sin and take our hands off of our life and He will take over. Take the stress out of your life, my friend.  Surrender, sin and self, to Him and He will take over. This is the sweet spot, this is what you are looking for; this is the life that is hidden with Christ in God. This is life on the highest plane.

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