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The Scarcity Of Faith - Abiding Above - January 27

  • 2020 Jan 27

The Scarcity Of Faith

January 27

 My friend, are you living a life of faith? Are you simply trusting the Lord Jesus Christ in your daily walk, to provide for you, all that you need?

Life as a Christian is truly a faith walk. We cannot see into the future but we know Who holds the future.

We are His sheep, we belong to Him. A wise old minister once said, “The Lord is our Shepherd, and nothing can get to the sheep unless it comes through the Shepherd.”

As we think of the soon return of Jesus Christ, will He find His children faithful?

The Bible says in Luke 18:8 - “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”.

A dear friend of my family, Mrs. Carolyn Alsip, wrote this poem entitled:

Will He Really Find Faith?

In times like these will He really find faith?
In the homes of America, in churches that sing “Amazing Grace.”

Blinded by self and steeped in sin, we doubt our salvation and blame it on Him.

Our pews are half empty with pulpits to fill; we do not pray, we do not read, we do not die to our own selfish will.

No power to witness, no longer we see, as we sit, we soak, we sour, and blame on others our own ugly deeds.

Yes, time is at hand, no signs we can miss.
Will He really find faith in a life such as this?

----Carolyn Alsip

These are sobering words my friend. Let’s take them to heart and ask ourselves these questions, “Am I making the most of this life God has given me? Am I choosing to walk in His Spirit allowing Him to live His life through me unhindered?”

Together we can choose even this moment to confess, repent, and let go to Him Who is our very Life!

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