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Abiding Above - June 10, 2015

  • 2015 Jun 10


How To Pray-Part 8

June 10, 2015


Because of who Jesus is and because of what Jesus has done, when we say, “I’m praying to the Father and I’m praying in the name of Jesus,” what we are saying is this, “I’m praying through the blood of Jesus Christ.”  This is our only way to heaven and it is our only way to communicate with God. This is why we can have complete assurance that it’s not through Mother Mary or the Pope. My friend, everything for the believer is through the name of Jesus. When we know this we can walk into the future with total peace and joy knowing nothing can get to the sheep unless it comes through the Shepherd. Even in our trials, heartaches, and persecutions, we can know that we can go to our Father in heaven, who can protect us, who can move mountains, and who can change any set of circumstances in our lives. We are God’s children because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross, and because we are His children, we have access to His Throne of Grace. We have a God who hears our petitions. We are to pray in His name and we are to pray asking that His will be done in everything.

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