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Abiding Above - September 8, 2014

  • 2014 Sep 08

America-A Nation Adrift-Part 6

September 8, 2014


God lead us to these shores, and all that our founding fathers did was moored to the Word of God. If there was ever a generation that was parked on another’s nickel it is ours. We’re still enjoying what our founding fathers planted so long ago. They lived by the principles of the Word of God. 

Listen, what you sew you reap. Not only is that true in farm life, it is true in family life. And not only is it true in farm life, and family life, it is true in the government of the United States of America. What ever you sew you reap is true in our local churches, and I want to tell you our founding father’s sewed mainly according to the principles of the Word of God. They were godly men. God used them and caused them to be successful.  This is how this nation started, godly men, godly women, spirit-filled, willing to face danger to get what God put on their hearts according to His Word, done in this place called the United States of America. If they had not been the way they were, we would not be enjoying all that we enjoy today. We might as well get that set in our minds. That is our foundation!  God, His Word, and our early founding fathers is what we are living and being blessed in these very days.

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