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Make a Difference One by One - Alternative View - August 19

Make a Difference One by One

A father and son were walking along a beach after a powerful storm.  In fact, the storm was so strong that as the waves crashed and the wind blew, hundreds of starfish were washed ashore and left far from the water they needed to survive.

As they walked, the father and son began a rescue mission, picking up starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean.  When the boy looked at the hundreds of remaining starfish, he became discouraged. "Dad, there's too many. We can't save them all.   We can't make a difference!"

The father looked at the starfish in his hand.  The creature would have never made it back into the ocean on its own.  As he threw the starfish back in the ocean, he told his son, "We're making a difference to this one."

You can make a difference too ... even if it's only one by one.  God has called each of us - not just the pastor or the missionary - to be a voice of encouragement to someone.  Bless someone. Make a difference. 

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