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Alternative View - October 12, 2017

Kingdom Parents View Their Children Through God’s Eyes

And I would see that I’m precious, And I would know that I’m prized. ’Cause I know your love never changes, If I could look through your eyes. —From the song “If I Could Look Through Your Eyes” by Andrew Martin

Fashion model and blogger Lauren Scruggs gained international fame in 2011, but not in a way any parent would want. After taking a plane flight to see Christmas lights around Dallas, she exited the aircraft and walked into its propeller. Doctors couldn’t save her left eye or hand.

At first, Lauren was angry, even falling into despair. But her father, Jeff, read the Bible to her and reminded her that God had a plan for her life. Healing took time. Lauren went from seeing herself as ugly to seeing herself through God’s eyes. “I think I’m seeing that this life is way bigger than me and that a lot of things that I held important earlier, even in my career, were quite shallow,” Lauren said. Lauren’s mom, Cheryl, added,

“Lauren realizes that God has a huge purpose for our life.” As parents, you may sometimes feel that you have a better plan for your children. One that avoids pain and hardships. Or perhaps you have different dreams for them—maybe to be a successful doctor or accountant— so you steer them in those directions rather than humbling yourself before the Lord to discover His plan.

Trying to improve on God’s plan for your child is like trying to improve a Picasso using a Sharpie. You’re going to mess up a masterpiece. God wants you to view your children through His eyes. Only He knows the best way for them to live fulfilled and abundant lives.


1. In which ways do you see your children through God’s eyes?

2. In which areas do you presently see them from an earthly point of view?

3. Do you trust that God has a better plan for your children than you do?


Father, thank You for having a plan for my children. Please help me to wisely guide them toward their purpose. Amen.

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