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Alternative View - September 14, 2017

A Kingdom Man Has Got It 

I’ve got it. —Tony Evans, Kingdom Man 

The Chicago Bulls were losing a normal, regular season game early in Michael Jordan’s career. Jordan reentered the game and poured in about 25 points. The Bulls won.

As they walked off the court, assistant coach Tex Winter turned to Jordan and said, “You know, there’s no I in team.” 

“There’s not an I in team,” Jordan replied. “But there’s an I in win.” 

Jordan and the Bulls championship dynasty still lay ahead, and it would take the contributions of entire teams to rise to their eventual dominance. But when the game was on the line, no one rose to the challenge like Jordan. He was the leader. MJ was the man. 

When a problem comes up in the Evans home, I sometimes raise three fingers, which stand for three words: I’ve got it. I’ll take responsibility for it. If it’s something I cannot solve, I’ll provide the comfort, stability, and empathy necessary to get through it. It doesn’t mean that I literally do everything. It means I see to it that everything is done.

When you demonstrate to a woman, children, or others within your sphere of influence that you are dependable, responsible, and that you take ownership to fix, solve, or simply carry the burden of that which needs to be solved, you free them to rest. You free them to relax because they know they can trust the man who has proven to them through past actions that he’s got it. As a kingdom man, those around you need to know that you’ve got it.


1. Why have you let some problems slide?

2. What problem or concern needs your attention now?

3. How can you say “I’ve got it” today?


God, fill me with Your courage and strength to free my family from worry. Help me to have it. Amen.

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