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Is There a “Best” Way to Evangelize? - Answers for Church Members - June 12

  • 2020 Jun 12

9 Marks

Is there a “best” way to evangelize?
The only “best” way to evangelize is to tell someone the whole gospel message and call him or her to faith in Christ. That may mean building a relationship first, or not. It may mean writing a letter to a family member or sharing the gospel with a friend over coffee. It may mean preaching a sermon in a church or hosting an evangelistic Bible study in your home or anything other way you can think of to share the gospel. 
The message is what matters. The method, as long as it reflects the truth and is spoken in love, is somewhat flexible.
The danger in thinking there is a “best” way to evangelize is that we might actually restrict our evangelism because we think there’s only one way to do it. Can we share the gospel by using a tract, or hosting a special event, or building relationships with non-Christians, or bringing people to church and talking to them over lunch afterward? Of course. Can we only evangelize in just one of those ways? Of course not.

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