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A Psalm for the Season of Searching [Part 2] - Daily Good News with Alan Wright - June 18

  • 2019 Jun 18

A Psalm for the Season of Searching [Part 2]

Are you ready for some good news?

The Bible is an epic, heroic story (not a mere instruction book or collection of morals).

Today’s Text: “In the way of your testimonies I delight as much as in all riches.” (Psalm 119:14, ESV)

Eugene Peterson has written: “Sometimes we are told that the Bible is a library made up of many kinds of writing: poems and hymns, sermons and letters, visions and dreams, genealogical lists and historical chronicles, moral teaching and admonition and proverbs. And, of course, story. But that is not so. It is all story.”  (Eat this Book, p.13)

It’s all story because every page, every portion, points to the Hero who rescued us through mind bending self-sacrifice.

But we’re ever prone to turn the grand story into isolated instructions and moralistic exhortations. Imagine reading a great story like Cinderella the way we often read the Bible.

“Today’s text is from 1 Cinderella chapter two beginning at verse 1. My message is entitled: ‘Tough Times Produce Tough People.”  We will study Cinderella’s years of difficulty under an unkind stepmother and difficult stepsisters. Point #1) Cinderella kept a positive attitude. Brothers and sisters, attitude determines altitude. Remember to keep a positive attitude even during hard times. Point #2) When Cinderella was lonely she made friends with the animals. Furry friends are forever friends. You too can find companionship when you are lonely. Point #3) Cinderella persevered no matter what. Friends, don’t give up when life gets hard. Persevere til the end.”

Ha! What’s so ridiculous about the above “sermon”?

Cinderella isn’t a tale designed to tell you how to persevere and keep a positive attitude. It’s a love story. It’s a story about redemption. About a prince, a glass slipper and place of royalty. It’s about the power of grace and love to overcome the wickedness and jealousy of evil people. It’s a glorious, enthralling narrative meant to sweep you away with its magic and move you to joy.

The Bible is the greatest story ever told – and it’s all true. When we reduce the Bible to little aphorisms and pithy exhortations we divert our gaze away from the grand, epic tale of redemption in Christ. It’s one good news story woven together by the Holy Spirit. And that’s the Gospel!

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