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Daily Strength for Daily Needs - February 15

  • 2021 Feb 15

February 15

If ye fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well.--JAMES ii. 8.

Come, children, let us go!
We travel hand in hand;
Each in his brother finds his joy
In this wild stranger land.
The strong be quick to raise
The weaker when they fall;
Let love and peace and patience bloom
In ready help for all.

It is a sad weakness in us, after all, that the thought of a man's death
hallows him anew to us; as if life were not sacred too,--as if it were
comparatively a light thing to fail in love and reverence to the brother
who has to climb the whole toilsome steep with us, and all our tears and
tenderness were due to the one who is spared that hard journey.

Would we codify the laws that should reign in households, and whose daily
transgression annoys and mortifies us, and degrades our household life,--we
must learn to adorn every day with sacrifices. Good manners are made up
of petty sacrifices. Temperance, courage, love, are made up of the same
jewels. Listen to every prompting of honor.

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