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Dave's Daily Devo - April 17, 2017

  • 2017 Apr 17

Don’t Manufacture Enemies

Luke 9:49-50


My friend trusted Jesus because while he was attending university a Campus Crusader (now CRU) came by his room. He wasn’t there, but the believer left a copy of the Four Laws. When he came back later, my friend had read the pamphlet. As an Eastern European, this was the first time he had ever heard that Jesus had died personally to forgive him. He received Christ.

In the summer some friends invited him to camp where he discovered the same emphasis on the Gospel. Soon he was hired and then joined the full time staff. One thing bothered him. His new organization didn’t encourage cooperation with CRU. Early in his Christian life my friend was face to face with one of the strongest deterrents to effective outreach for Jesus—my group versus your group. What’s even more tragic is that two thousand years ago one of Jesus’ disciples asked Him about this issue of exclusion. Check out Jesus’ answer.

“Now John said, ‘Master, we saw someone in Your Name casting out demons. We stopped them because they were not following with us.’  Jesus said to him, ‘Don’t be hindering others like this! For anyone who is not against us is for us.’”  Luke 9:49-50

A few days ago I ate breakfast with my friend who is still ministering in Eastern Europe and was here touching base with some of his supporters. He didn’t even take a bite of his IHOP omelet. “Dave, we have new leadership in our organization. They came to visit and all they talked about was servant leadership, being open to new forms of outreach, and the need to partner with others as we reach people for Jesus. The emphasis is now is all grace, openness, and unity with fellow believers.”

LORD, help me to remember that the power is all in the Name of Jesus. He’s the One who moved that Campus Crusader to obey and share the Gospel. He’s the One who moved my friend to believe, and He’s the One who has now generated this new openness and passion for unity in the body of Christ. Thanks for this special encouragement and bless my friend as he prays about possibly working on a doctorate to increase his effectiveness as a biblical teacher.

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