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Dave's Daily Devo - April 5

  • 2016 Apr 05

Suicide or Calvary Trust

Matthew 27:1-10

Deep inside when we betray a trusted friend, we know that we deserve to die. In 2 Samuel 15-17 Ahithophel, King David’s trusted advisor, betrayed his king and when his advice was not followed, he went out and hung himself. In the crucifixion narrative Judas, Jesus’ trusted disciple, sold out the Son of David, his Master, for thirty pieces of silver. Unlike Ahithophel, he didn’t kill himself because his conspiracy failed, but because it succeeded. He realized that he had betrayed an innocent man. When the priests wouldn’t allow him to return the blood money, he threw it into the Temple, and like Peter, went out. He could have remembered what Jesus said about forgiving seventy times seven. He could have humbly trusted in Jesus, but instead he decided to pay for his own sin.

“And throwing down the pieces of silver into the temple, he departed, and he went out and hanged himself.” - Matthew 27:5

Judas acted out what was foreshadowed in the Old Testament about a false shepherd and thirty pieces of silver thrown into the temple (Zechariah 11:12-17) and a potter’s field (Jeremiah 19:6).  Matthew challenges us. Since Genesis 3 the Serpent seeks to destroy us and Judas seeks to pay for his guilt by suicide. Peter could have done the same, but he didn’t.  We have to decide whether we will let Jesus’ death pay for our guilt or whether we will arrogantly try to pay the bill ourselves.

LORD, use Judas’ self-destruction to warn against the destructive power of a repentance that only leads to death—trying to pay for our own sin. Help us to follow Peter and enter into a repentance that leads to life realizing that there is no reason for us to die. Jesus has taken our place. Thank you that You can forgive seventy times seven because Your sacrifice paid even the bill for our betrayals in full.

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