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Dr. Bob Schindler - Dave's Daily Devo - August 12

  • 2019 Aug 12


Dr. Bob Schindler 

Daniel 1:17

“First year medical students, take note. If you plan on getting out of here with your M.D. in four years, you’ve got to study seven days a week. No breaks. No exceptions!” Bob Schindler had recently married Marian Wilson. During the summer of 1954, they both worked for my dad, Jack Wyrtzen, at Word of Life Camp. Bob sang in dad’s quartet, then that fall he was beginning New York Medical College. 

The newlyweds believed strongly in honoring the Lord on Sunday. They went to church, and Bob took a break from the routine of studying biochemistry, human anatomy, and working on his cadaver. My little brother Ron and I reaped the benefits. Bob and Marion would pick us up in New Jersey and take us on adventures, like entire afternoons at the Bronx Zoo. But what about that threat that it would be impossible to make it through medical school without studying seven days a week?

Daniel wasn’t facing medical school in New York City, but he was faced with learning Akkadian, and he also had to master some of the most advanced mathematics in the Ancient Near East, astronomy, and Babylonian literature. What would God do for his four teenagers faced with this rigorous academic challenge? 

“Now God gave to these four young men knowledge and the skill to comprehend all the corpus of Babylonian literature and the ability to apply what they had learned skillfully. And to Daniel God gave the ability to discern the meaning of all kinds of visions and dreams.” Daniel 1:17

We’ll see these young men in an oral examination before Nebuchadnezzar and the king will give us his assessment on how these four Judeans did in his Babylonian University. But verse 17 reveals that God not only doesn’t block his children from exploring all kinds of fields of learning, but he will even give them the ability to master these new fields. 

Bob Schindler graduated right on time, did a surgical residency in Saginaw, Michigan, and then went to Liberia with SIM to found the ELWA hospital. 

LORD, thanks that you will help all your children beginning another semester not only in university but also in high school and elementary schools with their studies if they, like Daniel, will put you first in their lives.

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